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Why StopSmokingTherapy?

the StopSmokingTherapy® is the solution you need to stop smoking immediately.

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Tobacco kills

Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death: 6,000,000 deaths a year worldwide (in France 73,000 per year). Tobacco is responsible for 90% of lung cancer.

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StopSmokingTherapy ® smoking cessation is a fast and safe solution for a lasting and effective stop of tobacco, thanks to the virtues of the plants and the medical know-how.

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30 years of research

EdelweissLab ®, founded in 1989, develops StopSmokingTherapy ®, fruit of long research conducted by Professor Robert Aboudaram.

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Withdrawal with less effort

The medical staff of our StopSmokingCenters® accompanies you on yourStopSmokingTherapy assignment.

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Stopping smoking reduces mortality

especially related to cardiovascular disease and bronchopulmonary cancer. The benefit exists regardless of the age of the patient at the time of the judgment.

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With the StopSmokingTherapy®, we offer a savings of 3000 € on average per year.

How it works?

Find out how StopSmokingTherapy® works

Max, inveterate smoker, receives a visit from his friend Tom, who stopped smoking thanks to StopSmokingTherapy®. In this video, follow Max's journey to freedom and discover the StopSmokingTherapy® for stopping smoking with less effort.

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Clinique de l’Alliance

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Clinique de Castelviel

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